Any luxury product means something beyond useful attributes; it has one or several intangible qualities that make it especially desirable. These qualities serve to signify a social status or group belonging, an exclusive lifestyle and high aesthetics, a superior product quality, or tradition and heritage.

Possessing a product with these attributes allows the owner to transcend their personality and feel like something greater, at least for a brief period of time. Essentially, people buy emotions, and the emotion of personal transcendence is at the pinnacle of the hierarchy of desires.

The main task when developing a luxury real estate website…

The quality of the initial requirements and depth of the analytical information available at the beginning of a website development project are essential to the website’s success. Following the “garbage in, garbage out” principle, any design effort depends heavily on the quality of the initial requirements.

Knowing what to ask and having someone to answer any questions that arise during the initial phase allows a design team to get the best insights, which is fundamental to coming up with great solutions. …

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