Developing a website for premium residential real estate — strategy and tips for creating a great design

Communication strategy

Researching product attributes

Selecting the right product attributes

Building a story

Developing the visual design language

Resonates with the potential customers

Matches the tone of the selected product attributes and the product’s story

Stands out from the competition



House at Khlebny



Don’t allow cliches

Don’t fall for minimalism

Design by first principles

Dare to be original

Here are a few examples of “minimalistic” and “expensive” real estate project website designs with no unique story or style. Remove the logos and they will look and feel virtually identical, template-based. Sites used: The Columbus Building, 25 Churchill Place, Aristo, Hello Brooklyn

Best practices in creating website content for premium residential real estate


  • Transportation and accessibility
    Easy and quick ways to get to the important points in the city, information about building access routes.
  • Ecology
    Lack of industrial buildings, abundance of parks, air quality.
  • History
    Information about any historic places, people or events.
  • Social infrastructure
    Schools, health, shopping, etc.


  • Architecture
    Information about the architectural style and its roots, facades, materials and technologies, BIM design, etc.
  • Common space design
    Lobby, parking and other shared premises.
  • Apartment interior design
    Presentation of available styles and finishes.
  • Inner territory design
    Presentation of the available features and design.


  • In the building
    Сolourful presentation of services, entertainment, sports, health and wellbeing facilities in the building.
  • In close proximity
    Amap with selected social infrastructure points around the project, with short descriptions and photos.


  • Common spaces functional offerings, like pram spaces or pet baths.
  • Apartment features
    Any remarkable functional or technical details, like panoramic windows, high ceilings, smart home equipment, etc.
  • Parking features.
  • Building engineers’ details.


Apartment selection

  • Parametric search
    Filter apartments by space, number of rooms, floor, price, and any special amenities they may have.
  • Visual selection
    Find an apartment by selecting a floor on a building’s facade, then by selecting an apartment on a floor plan. To facilitate the selection, show the number of available apartments when hovering over a floor.
  • Wizards
    Allow the client to find a desired apartment by asking a series of questions about their preferences.
  • Apartment page
    Besides the apartment plans, which should be stripped of unnecessary technical information and created in the brand’s visual style, this page may contain information on any special details. finishing options, views from the windows, links to financing information, as well as a selection of similar apartments.
  • Add to favourites
    A kind or a wishlist folder where the client can save apartments that they liked.
  • Printable plans
    Make sure to offer downloadable high-quality apartment plans, with all the relevant information.

Showroom ideas




Get the edge with innovative product development, high-end web design, and effective branding.

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Get the edge with innovative product development, high-end web design, and effective branding.

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